Roslynn Haynes’s Biography

As a graduate in both science (biochemistry) and humanities (literature) Roslynn Haynes is most interested in the interfaces and cross-influences between disciplines, including science, literature, art, religion, landscapes as seen by writers and artists, and Aboriginal and Western astronomy.
After completing a science degree in Biochemistry at the University of Sydney, Ros was Vice-Principal of Jane Franklin Hall, Tasmania. She was awarded a British Commonwealth Scholarship for Ph.D. study at the University of Leicester, UK. Her thesis was entitled
The Influence of Science on the Writings of H.G.Wells.
From 1972-2000 she taught nineteenth- and twentieth-century English literature and Australian literature at UNSW as well as pioneering interdisciplinary courses in science and literature, environmental literature and European studies.
In 2001 she moved to Tasmania to complete
Tasmanian Visions. As a Visiting Fellow at the University of Tasmania, she now lives in Hobart with her husband Raymond and daughter Nicky.
She was elected a Fellow of the Australian Academy of the Humanities in 2000 and in 2001 was awarded a Commonwealth of Australia Centenary Medal for service to Australian society in cultural and communications studies.
Ros has published seven books, 25 chapters in books, and over 40 articles in scholarly journals.
Seeking the Centre: The Australian Desert in Literature, Art and Film (1998) was short-listed for the Colin Roderick prize.
Tasmanian Visions: Landscapes in Writing , Art and Photography (2006) was short-listed for the Tasmania Prize and the Margaret Scott Prize.
Ros was a consultant for, and presenter in, the BBC Documentary
Wilderness Explored: the Australian Desert , and an advisor on films of artists in the Australian desert. She has also been an advisor and interviewee in a wide range of ABC programs and a member of the 23° South Expert Planning and Advisory Panel, National Museum of Australia, Canberra.
She and Raymond have two adult children, Nicky and Rowena and are members of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers).
Ros is a lively, informative and entertaining public speaker on a wide range of topics. She has been a key-note speaker at many international conferences including
Perception and Representation of Science in Literature and Fiction Films, at Universität, Bielefeld 2002 and The Public Images of Chemistry in the Twentieth Century, at Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie, Paris 2003. She has also spoken to many general interest groups in Australia on topics including art and literature of the Australian desert, what wilderness means to artists and writers, scientists in fiction and social attitudes to science, Aboriginal astronomy and what it tells us about Western science, the art and culture of the world’s deserts.
She is currently involved with a group at the University of Bremen, Germany, working on a project
Fiction Meets Science, funded by the Volkswagen Foundation.
She is available to give addresses and lecture tours.