Raymond Haynes
FAIP FASA Member IAU B.Sc.(Tas), B.Sc. Hons(Tas.), Ph.D. (Tas),
Diploma of Professional Photography

Postdoctoral Research Fellow University of Cambridge, UK 1970-72

Research Scientist CSIRO 1972-2003
British Council Senior Fellowship UK 1978
Visiting Research Appointments Univ. Leicester (UK) 1978

Senior ResearchVisitor MPIfR (Bonn) 1980-2000
Senior ResearchVisitor Onsala University (Sweden) 1995
Honorary appointments at Univ.Bonn (Germany), UWS,
UQ, UTAS(1980-2006)
Principal author of Explorers of the Southern Sky.
Nomination, Max Plank Prize for Astrophysics Germany, 1998
CSIRO Research Scientist (1972-94) &
Senior Principal Research Scientist ( 1994-2000)
Director, Polymath Professionals
Contributor, Fiction Meets Science Project, University of Bremen
and Hanse-Wissenschaftskolleg 2014

Email: rhaynes.tas[at]gmail.com or raymond_haynes[at]polymathprofessionals.com.au